Rajamangala University of Technology Isan (RMUTI)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Winit Chotsawang


        RMUTI consists of five campuses located in five provinces in the Northeastern Region-Nakhornratchasima, Khonkean, Surin, Kalasin and Sakonnakhon. With its long history, continuous development and regional reputation, RMUTI has provided opportunity of higher education to students and people in the Northeast has upgraded the standards of vocational education leading to outstanding expertise in practical technology, research, invention and academic service to the society. The university also willingly accepts the participation from the public in terms of administration, management and supporting its affiars for highly academic qualities and professional standards to meet manufacturer's needs. Each campus intends to develop manpower qualified in practical science and technology.


RMUTI Excellence

        RMUTI has proudly developed manpower with the higher vocational diploma and bachelor's degree in different fields of study for the society and the country. The qualities of the manpower in several study fields are recognized among manufacturers. The RMUTI students' national and international academic awards have guaranteed its academic excellence.

Diverse Study Programs recognized

        As a university with the campuses located in different places, RMUTI has provided diverse programs of study according to local's and students' needs. Many fields of study have been recognized in their high gualities and standards by education institutions and manufacturers.

Five Campus

Main Campus



Khonkaen Campus



Surin Campus



Kalasin Campus






Standard of Educational Management

        Every RMUTI campus has been certified with ISO 9001 : 2000, internationally recognized management system by Institute of ISO Standard Accreditation. This assures that the students who study in this university will be provided with high quality of education.

The Potential of Manpower - Value of Society

        While studying in RMUTI, students are not only developed in term of academic ability, but also given the chance of social study in order to prepare themselves for working together with others in the society in the future.

Level of Study

RMUTI offers programs of study at three levels.

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